1-Button 418MHz MS Series Key Fob

Product Code: NCD OTX-418-HH-KF1-MS

1-Button 418MHz MS Series Key Fob
Brand: NCD

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This 1-Button Key Fob is designed to communicate to any of the NCD Key Fob devices, including KFX Series and all NCD IoT related Key Fob receiver modules.  With a maximum operating distance of 750 feet, this Key Fob provides superior distance over any key fob solution we have ever seen. Reaction time for a remote key fob receiver to process a button press is under 1 second, making it the fastest long-range key fob solution available.

With a single Key Fob receiver module, users may associate up to 40 key fobs.  NCD Key Fob receiver modules reach working distances of up to 1000 feet with an external antenna option, with superior responsiveness over previous generations of Key Fob receivers. Every Key Fob paired with a Key Fob Receiver will perform the exact same function as another Key Fob paired with the same Key Fob Receiver. It is not possible for each remote to be separately identified and generate different data. Put simply, every remote does exactly the same thing when paired with the same Key Fob Receiver.

This version operates at 418MHz and is FCC approved to operate in the United States.  Operates from a single CR-2032 battery, included.


  • 1-Button Key Fob
  • External Antenna
  • 750 Foot Range
  • 418MHz MS Series Key Fob
  • Compatible with All NCD Key Fob Devices
  • Programmable Buttons
  • Momentary or Toggle Configurations
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