18" Pmod Cable Kit: 6-pin

Product Code: DG 240-021-18

18" Pmod Cable Kit: 6-pin
18" Pmod Cable Kit: 6-pin
18" Pmod Cable Kit: 6-pin
Brand: Digilent

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This kit is a handy accompaniment to your 6-pin Pmod. The extension cable lets you locate your Pmod away from its host board, and the included male gender changer can provide extra connectivity to both system and prototyping boards.


  • Available in lengths of 6", 12", and 18"
  • Designed for use with Digilent peripheral modules
  • Can be used to send FPGA signals to an outside device
  • Greater flexibility when connecting your 6-pin Pmod to a host board
  • Uses the standard 100mil spaced 25mil square connector

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