Mecanum Omni Directional Left With Rubber Rollers-203mm Stainless Steel

Product Code: Nexus 14151L

Mecanum Omni Directional Left With Rubber Rollers-203mm Stainless Steel

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The (8 inch) 203mm stainless steel mecanum wheel is a heavy duty wheel. Each wheel is comprised of 12 rubber rollers, mounted so that their axis of rotation is 45 degree to the axis of the main wheel. As well as moving forward and backward like conventional wheels, stainless steel mecanum wheel allows sideways movement by spinning wheels on the front and rear axles in opposite directions. The wheels is a heavy duty wheel itself, they are sold in assembled units with aluminum two thick stainless steel plates. The rollers are made of black rubber, the stainless steel body mecanum wheels of load capacity is higher than aluminum mecanum wheel.


Diameter:8 inches(203mm)
Number of Rollers:12
Number of Plates:2
Body material:Stainless Steel
Roller material: Rubber
Spacer material: Aluminum
Length of roller:67mm
Load capacity: >50Kg

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