A/V Kit for Raspberry Pi

Product Code: CH-10248

A/V Kit for Raspberry Pi
Brand: Cooking Hacks

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Availability: Discontinued

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This Product has been discontinued.

Cooking Hacks Audio/Video Kit for Raspberry Pi. This one allows you to get a basic kit to start using your new Raspberry Board.

The A/V kit contains everything you need to power your Raspberry Pi via USB, connect it to the Internet, plug it to a TV/Monitor with HDMI connector and store data in an SD Card.

The perfect kit to start going and make your first projects with Raspberry Pi.

It includes:

x1 micro USB Cable
x1 Ethernet Cable
x1 8Gb microSD Card
x1 USB-220V Adapter
x1 Audio cable (3.5mm)
x1 HDMI Cable

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