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16 Channel Servo Controller
SC16A offers reliable yet user friendly RC Servo motor controller to hobbyist and students. It is de..
2A Stepper Motor Driver
SD02B is designed to drive unipolar or bipolar stepper motor. The board incorporates most of the com..
8 Channel Servo Controller
SC08A offers reliable yet user-friendly RC Servo motor controller to hobbyist and students. This SC0..
Dual Channel 10A DC Motor Driver
MDD10A is the dual channel version of MD10C which is designed to drive 2 brushed DC motor ..
G15 Driver
G15 Driver (GD02) is used to drive G15 Cube Servo. It is a Full to Half Duplex Communication ..
RCSwitch10 is a RC controlled relay switch. It can be turned on and off by using a RC cont..
SmartDrive160 is one of the latest smart series motor drivers designed to drive high power brushed D..
After the success of MDS40A and with feedback from users, we have improved it and it is no..
The Cytron's 1st smart motor driver dual channels is ready! SmartDriveDuo10 is smart brush motor..
Finally, it is ready! The smart drive duo-channel 60Amp driver is here! After Cytron's 1st 10Amp..

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