3mm Aluminum Mounting Hub

Product Code: Nexus 18027

3mm Aluminum Mounting Hub

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3mm Aluminum Mounting Hub 18027

The 3mm Universal aluminum mounting hubs allows you to mount robot wheels and mechanisms to motor shafts. It was designed to connect our small Mecanum wheel &Omni wheel and a DC motor.

Key Features:
• Used to connect robot Wheel and a DC motor
• Material: Aluminum-alloy
• Outside diameter: 13.9mm
• Inside diameter: 3mm
• Sold in individually

Compatible Wheels:

48mm Plastic Omni Wheel 14108

58mm Plastic Omni Wheel 14135

60mm Aluminum Mecanum Wheel 14144

60mm Aluminum Omni Wheel 14145

3mm-aluminum-mounting-hub-18027-3 3mm-aluminum-mounting-hub-18027 3mm-aluminum-mounting-hub-18027-2

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