Industrial Relay Controller Board 32-Channel SPDT + UXP Expansion Port

Product Code: NCD ZUXPSR3210PROXR

Industrial Relay Controller Board 32-Channel SPDT + UXP Expansion Port
Industrial Relay Controller Board 32-Channel SPDT + UXP Expansion Port
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32-Channel SPDT Relay Controller with UXP Expansion Port

This ProXR Industrial relay controller is capable of switching 32 on-board SPDT relays, each with 5 or 10 Amps of current, customized at the time of ordering.  Each SPDT relay includes 3 screw terminals for normally open, common, and normally closed contact closure relay output connectivity.  This controller features a modular communications interface, capable of accepting USB, RS-232, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, Industrial Wireless communication modules, and more.  The on-board UXP expansion port makes it easy to add external expansion hardware to this controller.  Expansion options include 12-Bit Analog to Digital Converters, Contact Closure Inputs, or Digital Potentiometer outputs.  Expand ProXR controllers to switch more relays of various types using the XR Expansion Port.  Simply plug in any XR Expansion Relay Controller and you are ready to switch solid state relays, DPDT signal relays, general purpose SPDT relays, and high-power relays.

ProXR Series Industrial Relay Controllers

NCD has been in business since 1995, and we created the world’s first commercially available relay controller.  ProXR Industrial controllers are the best controllers on the market with over 10 years of production history and a 5-Year Repair or Replace Warranty to back it up!  There are many reasons that make ProXR the leading relay control solution.  Let’s take a look at why ProXR controllers are unique, and why industry has chosen NCD controllers for so many years:

ProXR Reliability

The firmware we designed for ProXR series controllers is ultra-stable.  Our CPU uses hardware interrupts to manage communications while processing a wide range of background tasks, such as 16 relay timers, 16 relay flashers, data parsing, and garbage cleanup.  ProXR controllers will never “drop” commands, even in the most demanding environments.  We use a hardware watchdog timer, built into our CPU.  The watchdog timer acts as a supervisor, capable of rebooting the CPU should anything go wrong so you never loose communications.  The current CPU is more powerful, more feature packed, and more stable than any other controller on the market.  ProXR controllers were designed to operate non-stop 24/7 from 0 to 85C.

ProXR Features

ProXR controllers can take control of relays in ways you may have never imagined.  Of course you can turn relays on, or off, or toggle the current state of the relays.  It’s also easy to read the status of individual relays, relay banks, or all relays on the controller.  These are basic functions every relay controller should support.  ProXR relay controllers have many features you may not expect.  For instance, ProXR controllers support 16 timers that run in the background.  Each timer can activate a relay for up to 255 Hours, 255 Minutes, and 255 seconds when activated.  Activate 16 security lights using the timers and watch them all turn off at different times.  ProXR controllers also support 16 flashers, allowing up to 16 relays to be automatically cycle on and off in the background until the flasher is canceled.  Relay grouping commands allow ProXR controllers to simulate large expensive relays using low-cost relays.  Grouping commands are used to activate a master relay plus a few of it’s neighbors simultaneously, allowing simulation of DPDT, 3PDT, 4PDT, 5PDT, 6PDT, 7PDT, and 8PDT relays using a low-cost 8-Channel SPDT relay controller.

Automatic and Manual Relay Refreshing

By default, ProXR controllers automatically update the status of relays every time you send a command.  This feature may be enable or disabled.  When disable, users have the ability to configure the relay memory without actually switching relays.  Once all the memory is configured, simply send the Relay Refresh command and all relays will refresh simultaneously.  This is particularly useful in applications that may require you to configure the on/off state of each relay and switch all relays at the exact same time.  ProXR will remember your refresh settings every time it powers up.  And while we are on the subject of power-up, ProXR relay controllers do not click when power is first applied.  This alone is one of the biggest reasons industry has chosen ProXR over the competition.

XR Expansion Port

ProXR relay controllers are equipped with a XR Relay Expansion Port.  The XR Port allows you to add more relays to your controller as your needs expands.  Combine mechanical and solid-state relay expansion controllers in any combination to accomplish your automation requirements.  We manufacture SPST, SPDT, and DPDT expansion solutions, available in 4, 8, 16, 24, and 32 channel versions.  ProXR relay controllers support up to 256 relays in firmware; however, expanding over 128 relays may not be possible if the cable length is too long.

XR Expansion Controller

Why Industry Uses ProXR

There’s a lot of little things we did to make ProXR special.  We created Base Station Software so you can learn to use ProXR controllers using a Windows 8 or 10 PC.  Base Station supports all communication technologies and teaches you what bytes to send to your controller so you don’t have to hunt down the manual every time you want to use a new function.  Simply copy and paste the communication bytes from the Base Station User Interface into your favorite programming language.  Base Station will demonstrate the engineering behind ProXR series controllers, but if you want a preview, just take a look at the ProXR Quick Start Guide in the Resources section.  On-line videos walk you through all the major features.  ProXR controllers have a 5 year warranty and a operational life expectancy exceeding 10 years.  We built ProXR controllers to last.  We are committed to up-gradable hardware, not disposable hardware.  We use the best relays, the best communication technologies, and we have the best support in the industry.  We can help you with all of your relay control needs, no matter how complex!


  • Control 32 On-Board 5 or 10-Amp SPDT Relays
  • Expandable to control More Relays using the XR Expansion Port
  • Modular Communications Interface Supports Many Popular Communication Modules:
    • WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, WebPage, Industrial Wireless, USB, RS-232 and More
  • 16 Background Timers Can be Assigned to Any of the On-Board Relays
  • Server Reboot, Watchdog, & Keep Alive Duration/Pulse Timing Command Set
  • Control One Relay at a Time or All Relays Simultaneously
  • UXP Expansion port for Adding Additional:
    • Contact Closure Modules – up to 2,048 Inputs
    • Digital Potentiometers – up to 48 Inputs
    • Analog to Digital Conversion – up to 256 Outputs

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