Leaf and flower bud temperature sensor probe

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Leaf and flower bud temperature sensor probe

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Frost events may happen in plants even though the ambient temperature is not 0 ºC or lower because the canopy temperature can be different than air temperature, this is called radiation frost. The Leaf and bud temperature sensor probe is designed to predict frost events.Radiation frost occurs when there is a lack of air mixing by the wind near the surface and a negative net long wave radiation balance at the surface.


  • Operating temperature: -50 to 70 ºC

  • Operation humidity: 0 ~ 100% RH
  • Measurement range: -50 to 70 ºC

       •   Measurement  Uncertainty:

-       0.1 ºC (from 0 to 70 ºC)

-       0.2 ºC (from -25 to 0 ºC)

-       0.4 ºC (from -50 to -25 ºC)

  • Measurement repeatability: less than 0.05 ºC
  • Stability (Long-term drift): Less than 0.02 ºC per year
  • Equilibration time: 10 s
  • Self-heating: Less than 0.01 ºC
  • Dimensions: 57 cm length, 2.1 cm pipe diameter, 7.0 cm disk diameter (see image )
  • Cable: 5 m


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