Mecanum Omni Directional Wheel -100mm,Double Nylon-Rubber

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Mecanum Omni Directional Wheel -100mm,Double Nylon-Rubber

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This is an Omni ball bearing wheel; it allows you to design your own Omni directional robot. The 100mm Double Nylon-Rubber Omni wheel could be mounted to 4WD Omni wheel Learning Platform, the 3WD Omni Wheel Mobile Platform.
It has rollers mounted along its circumstance and the rubber rollers to avoid slip. The 100mm double plastic Omni wheel is used for robotic, trolleys, transfer conveyor, shipping carts, and luggage and so on. It can be combined with any of the standard hubs for direct mounting on a shaft.
Key Features:

Simple & Stable mounting options
Unique fixed orientation
Superior load capacity
Make turning fast
Omni directional movement and rotation


Diameter: 4 inches(100mm)
Axial width: 35mm
Number of plate: 2
Number of roller: 18
Body material: Nylon
Roller Material: Rubber
Roller Bearing Material: Ball bearing
Roller diameter: 19mm
Load capacity: 20kg

Compatible with coupling size link:

6mm universel de montage en aluminium moyeux accouplement  18007:

8mm Universal Aluminum hubs 18008:

10mm universal aluminum mounting hub 18009:

12mm Universal Aluminum hubs 18010:

16mm universal aluminum mounting hubs for shaft 18012:

8mm Aluminum Key Hub 18024:

10mm Aluminum Key Hub 18025:

12mm Aluminum Key Hub 18017:

16mm Aluminum Key Hub 18026:

10mm Stainless Steel Key Hub 18029:

12mm Stainless Steel Key Hub 18030:

16mm Stainless Steel Key Hub 18031:
6mm new aluminum spacer  with key (hub)18032:

8mm new aluminum spacer  with key (hub)18033:

10mm new aluminum spacer  with key (hub)18034:

1/4″ universal aluminum mounting hubs for shaft 18079:

3/8″ universal aluminum mounting hubs for shaft 18080:

3/8″ aluminum key hub 18081:

1/2″ D-Shaft aluminum hub 18082:

1/2″ aluminum key hub 18083:

5/8″ aluminum key hub 18084:

6mm 3 piece black anodized coupling sets 18005:

14mm Stainless Steel Key Hub 18014:


Download PDF Files:
100mm Plastic Omni Wheel Layoutpdf

Omni Wheel Brochurepdf

Download STP Files:


omni-wheel-14041-2 omni-wheel-w041-3 omni-wheel-w14041

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