OpenCM 485 Expansion Board

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OpenCM 485 Expansion Board

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The OpenCM9.04 board is required in order to use the OpenCM 485 Expansion Board.

Please purchase the OpenCM9.04 Board separately.

The OpenCM 485 Expansion Board connects to the OpenCM9.04 controller to connect DYNAMIXELS that support RS-485 and TTL.

Battery connectors for batteries such as LIPO and Li-ion can be connected, and SMPS connector can be connected as well.

Has a wide range of input voltage to connect various DYNAMIXELS.

Package Components

OpenCM 485 Expansion Board 1

H/W Specifications

Size 68mm x 66.5mm x 16mm
Weight 32g
Input Voltage 5 ~ 30V
Power SMPS, LIPO Battery, 24V (Dynamixel PRO)
Power Switch 1
Dynamixel Port

4Pin x 5

3Pin x 5

Button 2

Compatible Products

Controller : OpenCM9.04-A/B/C

DYNAMIXEL : Whole series (For X-series, X3P, X4P cables are required)

External Sensor : ROBOTIS’ sensors can be used 

Parts Name


Please read the e-Manual before usage in order to use the OpenCM 485 Expansion Board correctly.

ROBOTIS OpenCM IDE V 1.0.1 or higher must be used.



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