Robot Gripper

Product Code: DFR FIT0300

Robot Gripper
Robot Gripper
Robot Gripper
Robot Gripper
Robot Gripper
Robot Gripper
Brand: DF Robot

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This is a 2 DOF robot gripper that can be installed with 2 servos so as to control gripper opening and closing with one servo, and steering gear motion control (or rotation) with the other servo.

Velocity range is 0 to 54 mm (0 to 2.13"). Total weight about 45 g. The servo slot fit most servos such as Hitec 422,475, DSS-P05 Standard Servo, DF Metal Geared 15Kg Standard Servo. 

Robot Gripper Dimension


  • Clamp range:0-54mm (0-2.13")
  • Size:105x100x30mm (4.13x3.94x1.18")


  • Robot Gripper x1
  • Screw kit x1         
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