200mm 3 Pin DYNAMIXEL Compatible Cables -10 Pack

Product Code: TR CBL-BIO200

200mm 3 Pin DYNAMIXEL Compatible Cables -10 Pack

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It’s happened to the best of us. Maybe your cat attacked your latest robot, or maybe you tried to stretch the cable just a little too far. Or maybe, you just need cables for your latest custom creation. No matter what you need them for, these Heavy Duty 3 Pin DYNAMIXEL Compatible Cables will get your project back up to speed in no time. These cable's silicone housing will take the toughest punishment and stand the test of time. And with our custom black cable headers, your robot will look better than ever!



  • 10 Cables

  • Custom Black 3-pin connectors

  • 200mm Cables

  • Silicon Coating

  • Heavy Duty/High Thread Wires

  • Highly Flexible

  • Comparable to RO-903-0078-000

Compatible Dynamixel Servos

Compatible Controllers

Compatible Accessories

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