VOLT - Smart USB Li-Po battery charger

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VOLT - Smart USB Li-Po battery charger

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VOLT is a smart USB Li-Polymer battery charger. It features power management circuitry with MCP73832, which can charge the battery over USB connector. Using provided screw terminals (VSYS and GND) VOLT can also be used to power your target device from battery (Vbat) or USB (5V). When USB is connected battery is charging and VSYS outputs 5V. Power LED is active when either USB or battery is connected, while Charge LED lights up only when battery is charging. Additional screw terminals with STAT and SENSE lines enable battery charge monitoring.


Type Battery charger
Applications VOLT is ideal power source for devices that need reliable battery or USB power supply
On-board modules MCP73832
Key Features Battery and MINI-B USB connectors are provided on-board. STAT line is open collector and must be pulled up to MCU power level for monitoring battery charging state. Charge and Power LEDs are provided for visual monitoring of board operation
Key Benefits SENSE line can be connected to ADC input for battery charge level monitoring. Board can be used for powering target device via provided VSYS and GND screw terminals
Interface USB
Integration Screw Terminals
Input Voltage 5V (via USB)
Compatibility USB


 Volt Schematic

 Volt Dimensions

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