Veris Hawkeye® H722LC Solid Core Current Sensor 0 to 10/20/40 Amps AC Selectable to 0-5 VDC

Product Code: NCD H722LC

Veris Hawkeye® H722LC Solid Core Current Sensor 0 to 10/20/40 Amps AC Selectable to 0-5 VDC
Brand: NCD

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The Veris Hawkeye® H722LC Solid Core Current Sensor is capable of monitoring a user-selectable current range of 0 to 10/20/40 Amps AC, and converts the current sensed by the solid-core transducer into a proportional 0-5 Volts DC.  The 0-5VDC output of this sensor is perfect for use with NCD Fusion, Reactor, and ProXR AD8 Series relay controllers.  Fusion and Reactor series controllers may be configured to control relays based on the amount of current sensed.  This sensor may also work with any of our I2C or IoT devices with 0-5V analog inputs.  This is a true industrial grade sensor designed for long life in harsh environments.

A typical AC installation will include Hot, Neutral, and Ground conductors.  The Hot conductor is the only conductor that should pass through the core of this sensor.  AC current monitoring is not possible when more than a single conductor is passed through the core.  For instance, passing all 3 wires through the sensor will cancel the AC current field, making current monitoring impossible.  Current sensors are offered in two varieties: Solid Core or Split Core.  Solid core current sensors require you to feed the wire through the core of the sensor.  Split core sensors open and allow you to clamp the sensor around the AC wire without having to disconnect the AC wire during installation.

Please Note: All current sensors have a minimum sensing current.  Exceeding the current rating of a current sensor may damage the sensor or the controller connected to the sensor.  Not for use in DC current monitoring applications.  Only the AC hot or neutral wire should pass through this sensor, never attempt to pass more than a single wire through the core of this sensor.  Please review the datasheet carefully prior to purchase.  Hawkeye® is a registered trademark of Veris Industries.


  • Veris Hawkeye® H722LC Current Sensor
  • Solid Core Current Sensor with 0-5 Volt Output
  • Selectable Input Current Range of 0 to 10, 20, or 40 Amps
  • Ideal for AC Current Measurement Applications
  • Compatible with ProXR, Fusion, or Reactor Series Controllers
  • Compatible with IoT and I2C Devices with 0-5V Analog Inputs
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