Waspmote Bluetooth module PRO 2 dBi [XBee Socket]

Product Code: CH-WBM-PRO-2

Waspmote Bluetooth module PRO 2 dBi [XBee Socket]
Brand: Cooking Hacks

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This Bluetooth Module PRO has been mainly designed to discover high amount of bluetooth devices in a variable area.It can be connected in a Xbee shield for Arduino to work.

Technical characteristics:
- Chip: Bluegiga WT12
- Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR. Class 2
- TX Power: 7 Power levels [-27dBm, +3dBm]
- RX sensitivity:  -90 dBm
- Antenna: 2dBi
- Range: from 10 to 50 meters depending tx power and environment conditions.
- Received Strength Signal Indicator (RSSI) for each scanned device
- Class of Device (CoD) for each scanned device

Special features:
- Bluetooth module integrates a firmware called Iwrap, developed by manufacturer which offers many possibilities.
- Moreover, Libelium has developed a specific API to allow using this module with Waspmote. There are many useful functions which can be used as a guideline for other designs. Refer to Libelium web site for more information.

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