YIHUA 3010D Direct Current Variable Power Supply LED Display 0-30V Output

Product Code: YIHUA 3010D

YIHUA 3010D Direct Current Variable Power Supply LED Display 0-30V Output
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YIHUA 3010D Direct Current Variable  Power Supply LED Display 0-30V Output 

Main Function

 1.Output constant current adjustable

2.Output constant voltage adjustable

3.LED voltage and currrent display

4.Constant voltage and current operation in individual

5.Over current protection

6.Current and voltage regulation are smooth and not gears regulation


The advantages of our DC power supply


1.High precision and good technique to protect the product Safety and reliability


 We are using advanced SAMSUNG IC according control software to shows.

And in order to protect the product Safety and reliability, in software we make the Limit in the shows.

(Some of factory products in order to save the cost are using Analog Circuitry to do,

so their precision Safety and reliability can not compete us.)


2.Good transformer


Our transformer are using good conductor and high efficient magnetic core.

So we no need make bigger ,but can satisfied the DC power suppy.

(some of factory transformer material less efficient that can not load, so they make bigger.

that cause the weight heavy and high calorific value, so their transformer can not compete us.)



 1.The power supply input   110V, 220V, 230V, 240V AC

 2.Output voltage 0-30V DC

 3.Output current  0~10A

 4.Work temperture  -10oC-40oC

 5.Empty carry to exhaust  <0.25W

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