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BLE Micro EVB- Bluetooth 4.0 Device
INTRODUCTION Bluno is great but I want small size for my product; Ble-link does well in its wor..
Digital Temperature Sensor - DS18B20
This is the latest DS18B20 1-Wire digital temperature sensor from Maxim IC. Reports degrees C with 9..
Features * MX-12W is specifically made for Wheels  DYNAMIXEL is a robot exclusive smart a..
Gravity: Start Kit for Intel® Edison/Galileo
INTRODUCTION What will you make? The Intel® Edison /Galileo development platform is the fi..
The NAND Bit is a logic gate with 2 inputs. Think of it as "not and." The NAND Bit will al..
Robot Cable-5P 150mm 4pcs
Features 5P Cable set for connecting Sensor/Motor. Used for connecting sensors with GP I/O por..

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