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2 dBi 2,4 GHz SMAM-RP Antenna
2 dBi 2,4 GHz SMAM-RP Antenna Dimension: 5 cm ..
2-Button 418MHz MS Series Key Fob
This 2-Button Key Fob is designed to communicate to any of the NCD Key Fob devices, including KFX Se..
2-Channel 4-20 mA Current Loop Receiver 16-Bit ADS1115 I2C Mini Module
This 2-Channel 4-20mA current loop receiver is an ideal companion for monitoring industrial sensors ..
2-Channel Off-Board 98% Accuracy AC Current Monitor with IoT Interface
This 2-Channel high-accuracy current monitoring controller makes it easy to get AC current measureme..
2.0" 320x240 Color IPS TFT Display with microSD Card Breakout
DESCRIPTION This gorgeous IPS display breakout is the best way to add a small, colorful and brigh..
2.1mm DC Barrel Jack to 2nd Generation MagSafe Adapter
If you own a MacBook, you'll recognize this little friend. The premise of this 2.1mm DC Bar..
2.2inch 320x240 Touch LCD (A)
Key Parameters LCD Controller BD663474 (supports SPI) Touch Screen Co..
2.4G Wireless Module NRF24L01+PA+LNA (PA-IPX)
This wireless Transceiver module is an easy and suitable module if you want to setup your wireless c..
2.4GHz 6dBi Antenna with IPEX Connector
INTRODUCTION This is an omni-directional antenna with an IPEX connector. Its working frequency ..
2.4GHz Dipole Swivel Antenna with RP-SMA - 5dBi
This 8"/200mm long swivel dipole antenna has 5dBi of gain and 50Ω impedance so it will wo..
2.4GHz Duck Antenna RP-SMA
Descriprion: 2.4GHz Duck Antenna 2.2dBi with Reverse Polarized - SMA RF connector. Perfect for pr..
2.4GHz Duck Antenna RP-SMA - Large
Descriprion: Need range? 2.4GHz Large Duck Antenna 5dBi with Reverse Polarized - SMA RF connector..
2.4GHz Mini Flexible WiFi Antenna with uFL Connector - 100mm
This 4" / 100mm long flexible uFL 2.4GHz antenna has approx 4DBi gain and a 50&O..
2.8" TFT Touch Shield for Arduino w/Capacitive Touch
Add some sizzle to your Arduino project with a beautiful large touchscreen display shield with built..
2.8inch RPi LCD (A), 320×240
Features 320×240 resolution Resistive touch control Supports any revision of Raspber..

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