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Bluno Link - A USB Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) Dongle
INTRODUCTION Add bluetooth 4.0 to your PC, Mac directly with this USB BLE-Link. It uses the ..
Bluno M3 - a STM32 ARM with bluetooth 4.0 (arduino compatible)
INTRODUCTION The Bluno M3 is a new Arduino compatible prototyping platform based on a 32-bit ARM ..
Bluno Mega 1280 - A Bluetooth 4.0 Micro-controller Compatible with Arduino Mega
INTRODUCTION Last year we introduced you BLUNO - our first Arduino-compatible hardware solut..
Bluno Mega 2560 - An Arduino Mega 2560 with Bluetooth 4.0
INTRODUCTION Bluno has helped tons of ideas become prototypes. Today, please allow me to introduc..
BLUZ Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Cloud Communications Module
Bluz is a microcontroller platform for the internet of things. Connect to the cloud and you can cont..
BNC to Alligator Clip Cable
One BNC to alligator clip test probe, designed for use with the BNC Adapter for Analog Discover..
BNC to Minigrabber Cable
One BNC to minigrabber clip test probe, designed for use with the BNC Adapter for Analog Discov..
Boron: LTE (M1/NB1) + Mesh + BLE
The Boron LTE is a powerful LTE CAT-M1/NB1 enabled development kit that can act as either a standalo..
Breadboard Breakout with Ribbon Cable for Analog Discovery
The Breadboard Breakout is designed to be used with the Analog Discovery to provide a secure co..
Breadboard Friendly (Arduino Compatible)
Ever think of using Arduino UNO on breadboard? This board might be the Arduino board you a..
Bus Pirate Cable
Description This is an interface cable for the Bus Pirate, designed to connect to its 2x5 I/..
Button Pad 4x4 - LED Compatible
Description This is a translucent silicon rubber button pad with 16 buttons originally inspired b..
C1711-Adult reusable NIBP cuff
Single hose reusable NIBP cuffs for adult use, comes without connector. Features:  Gre..
Cactus Micro Rev2 Arduino compatible plus esp8266
Cactus Micro is our integrated developement board, we have mixed Arduino with WI-FI into a single bo..
Carbon Monoxide & Flammable Gas Sensor MQ-9
This semiconductor gas sensor detects the presence of Carbon Monoxide at concentrations from 10 to 1..

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