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Boost-INV click
High integration rate of the Boost-INV click allows it to use a low number of external components...
BroadR-Reach click
BroadR-Reach click brings the industry grade communication standard to the mikroBUS™, w..
Brushless 2 click
Brushless 2 click carries the DRV10964 BLDC motor controller with an integrated out..
Brushless 3 click
Brushless 3 click carries the DRV10983, a three-phase sensorless motor driver with integra..
Brushless 4 click
Brushless 4 click is a 3 phase sensorless BLDC motor driver, which features a 180° sinusoid..
Brushless 5 click
Brushless 5 click is a 3 phase sensorless BLDC motor controller, with a soft-switching feature for..
Brushless 6 click
Description Brushless 6 click is designed to drive a three-phase sensorless, brushless mot..
Brushless click
Brushless click carries Toshiba's TB6575FNG IC for driving 3-phase full-wave Brushle..
BT Audio 2 Click
BT Audio 2 Click is Bluetooth audio stream add on board based on BM62 module from&nbs..
BT Audio 3 Click
BT Audio 3 Click is a compact add-on board with high-performing voice and audio post-processing..
BT Audio click
Bluetooth class 2 radio and DSP processor combined Microchip’s RN52 Bluetooth audio modul..
BT Click
BT Click is a compact add-on board targeted for applications that require both Bluetooth Smart ..
BT-EZ click
The BT-EZ click is a Click board™ which provide BLE connectivity for any embedded ap..
Buck 11 click
The LMR36015 has a wide voltage input range, which is one of its key features. It can sustain tran..
Buck 2 click
Buck 2 click is a powerful step down DC-DC switching regulator. It gives a high precision reg..

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