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3G-EA Click (Eu And Australia)
Description 3G click (for Europe and Australia) is a mikroBUS™ add-on board with Que..
3xBuck click
The integrated triple buck converter on the Click board™ is labeled as the TPS65263, and it ..
4-20 mA R click
4-20mA R Click is an add-on board in mikroBUS form factor which serves as a receiver in a 4-20mA c..
4-20 mA T click
4-20mA T Click is an add-on board in mikroBUS form factor. It’s a compact and easy solution ..
4D-display click
TFT 4D - display click offers a high quality 30-pin ZIF FFC connector for display connection, as w..
4Dot-Matrix R click
4Dot-Matrix R click allows you to display 4 characters of 5x7 dot size. The click is designed t..
4G LTE-APJ click (for Asia Pacific)
The LARA-R280 module is fully qualified and certified solution which simplifies the desi..
4G LTE-AT&T Click (for North America)
4G LTE-AT&T click is an LTE Cat 1 / UMTS multimodecellular network solution, featuring..
4G LTE-E click (Europe)
4G LTE-E click carries the LARA-R211 multi-mode cellular module from u-blox. The boar..
4G LTE-NA click (North America)
4G LTE-NA click carries the LARA-R204 multi-mode cellular module from u-blox. The boa..
4x4 Key click
Description 4x4 Key click carries a 16 button keypad. The design of the board — inputs ar..
4X4 RGB click
Description 4x4 RGB click carries a matrix of 16 WS2812 RGB LEDs and a MCP1826&n..
5G NB IoT Click
5G NB IoT Click is a Click board™ based on Thales ENS22 NB-IoT Wireless Module ..
6DOF IMU 2 click
The IMU consists of a state-of-the-art 3-axis, low-g accelerometer, and a low-power 3-axis gyroscope..
6DOF IMU 4 Click
Features such as low power consumption, high precision of motion detection, high shock tolerance u..

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