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AudioAmp 4 Click
In addition to the possibility to attenuate the input signal from the included 3.5mm JACK connecto..
AudioAmp click
AudioAmp click is a mikroBUS™ add-on board that functions as a mono audio amplifier. It is dri..
AudioMUX Click
Featuring a set of 3.5mm vertical jack connectors onboard, it allows a simple connection to an exi..
Barcode click
Barcode click is a very fast and agile barcode scanner on a click board™, which is compli..
BarGraph 2 click
BarGraph 2 click is a 10-segment bar graph display click, which uses a high-quality, multicolor..
BarGraph 3 Click
How does it work? When it comes to driving an array of LED segments, using so-called shift-regi..
BarGraph click
BarGraph Click is a compact and easy solution for adding ten-segment light bar display to your des..
Barometer click carries the LPS25HB IC, which is a piezoresistive absolute pressure sensor..
BATT-MAN click
BATT-MAN click is a very versatile battery operated power manager. When powered via mikroBUS&..
BEE click
Description BEE click features MRF24J40MA 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 radio transceive..
Bi Hall click
Description Bi Hall click is a simple solution for adding a bipolar Hall switch to your design...
BIG 7-SEG R click
BIG 7-SEG R click is what you need if you want to add a seven-segment LED display to your pro..
BLE 12 Click
BLE 12 Click is a compact add-on board that provides BT/BLE connectivity for any embedded appli..
BLE 3 click
Built-in RTC saves additional energy One of the standout features of the NINA-B1 module is its ..
BLE 4 Click
BLE 4 Click is fully embedded stand-alone Bluetooth 5.0 low energy connectivity module, eq..

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