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BLE 6 Click
BLE 6 Click is a Bluetooth low energy system-on-chip application processor certified module, co..
BLE 7 Click
The BLE 7 click is a Click board™ witch provide BT/BLE connectivity for any embedded..
BLE 8 Click
BLE 8 Click is fully embedded stand-alone Bluetooth 5.0 Energy connectivity module, equipp..
BLE 9 Click
BLE 9 Click is a compact add-on board that provides BT/BLE connectivity for any embedded applic..
BLE P click
BLE P click carries the nRF8001 IC that allows you to add Bluetooth ..
BLE TINY Click is a compact add-on board that provides BLE connectivity for any embedded applic..
BLE TX Click
BLE TX Click is a compact add-on board that contains a low-energy Bluetooth transmitter. This b..
BLE2 click
BLE2 click is an excellent choice if you want simple, temporary connectivity with your smart ..
Bluetooth 2 Click
Bluetooth 2 Click features WT41u, a long range class 1, Bluetooth® 2.1 + EDR module from Si..
Bluetooth click
Description With the range up to a 100m and low power consumption, Bluetooth click&nb..
BOOST 2 click
BOOST 2 click is a DC-DC step-up (boost) regulator that has a fixed 5V output, which can..
Boost 4 click
Boost 4 click carries the TPS61230A, a high efficiency fully integrated synchronous boos..
Boost click
Boost click carries Microchip’s MIC2606, a 2MHz, PWM DC/DC boost switching regulat..
Boost-INV 2 click
Advanced switching control of the TPS65131 with a self-learning feedback correction characteristic..
Boost-INV click
High integration rate of the Boost-INV click allows it to use a low number of external components...

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