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Dreamer Nano V4.1 (Arduino Leonardo Compatible)
INTRODUCTION The Dreamer Nano V4 is a surface mount breadboard embedded version of the ATMEGA 32U..
DS1307 RTC Module with Battery for Raspberry Pi
INTRODUCTION This RTC module is specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi. It communicates wit..
e-ink Display Module for ESP32
INTRODUCTION This is an ESP32-integrated 2.13”e-ink display with built-in WiFi and Blu..
eClip - programming Fixture
INTRODUCTION eClip is an innovative programming/testing tool specially designed for Makers. It so..
EcoDuino - An Auto Planting Kit
INTRODUCTION EcoDuino is evolving.  Now the EcoDuino has an enclosure. It is protected fro..
ESP-EYE Development Board
INTRODUCTION ESP-EYE is a development board for image recognition and speech signal processin..
ESP32-CAM Development Board
INTRODUCTION ESP32-CAM is a low-cost ESP32-based development board with onboard camera, small in ..
Ethernet Shield for Arduino - W5200
INTRODUCTION This Arduino-sized Ethernet Shield is based on the Wiznet W5200 Ethernet Chip, and p..
Evaluation Board for Audio & BLE/SPP Pass-through Module - Bluetooth 5.0
INTRODUCTION This Bluetooth module features Bluetooth/U-disk/TF-card playback, and Bluetooth call..
Expansion Shield X200 for Raspberry Pi B+/2B/3B
INTRODUCTION The Expansion Shield X200 is a most cost-effective shield which could apply to ..
Expansion Shield x400 for Raspberry Pi B+/2B/3B
INTRODUCTION The X400 Expansion Shield is a highly cost-effective audio hat which fits on the G..
Expansion Shield x600 for Raspberry Pi B+/2B/3B
INTRODUCTION The X600 Expansion Shield is a highly cost-effective multimedia hat compatible wit..
Fingerprint Sensor
INTRODUCTION This is an Arduino compatible fingerprint module. With the high speed DSP processo..
FireBeetle Board ESP32-E (Arduino Compatible)
FireBeetle ESP32-E, specially designed for IoT, is an ESP-WROOM-32E-based main controller board..
FireBeetle Board-328P with BLE4.1
INTRODUCTION DFRobot FireBeetle series are low power consumption microcontrollers designed for ..

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