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15.6inch Universal Portable Touch Monitor (for EU), 1920×1080 Full HD, IPS, HDMI/Type-C
15.6inch Universal Portable Touch Monitor, HDMI/Type-C Port, 1920×1080 Full HD, IPS Screen, Va..
3G-EA Click (Eu And Australia)
Description 3G click (for Europe and Australia) is a mikroBUS™ add-on board with Que..
4G LTE-E click (Europe)
4G LTE-E click carries the LARA-R211 multi-mode cellular module from u-blox. The boar..
Adafruit FONA 3G Cellular Breakout - European version
For those who want to take it to the next level we now have a 3G Cellular Modem brea..
C1711-Adult reusable NIBP cuff
Single hose reusable NIBP cuffs for adult use, comes without connector. Features:  Gre..
CurieNeurons Kit - A Neural Network Deep Learning Kit
This Product has been discontinued by manufacturer. INTRODUCTION The CurieNeurons is a neura..
Europe Standard USB Wall Power Supply 5VDC 2.1A - CE Intertek GS
This high quality AC to DC power supply is "wall wart" type, featuring short circuit prote..
European Wall Plug Adapter
Features: Convenient way to switch from US wall plug to European or UK wall plugs ..
Industrial RS232/RS485 to Ethernet Converter for EU
Comes with EU plug power adapter. More options for the power plug: US, EU Ind..
Liquified Petroleum Gases (H 2,CH 4 ,ethanol & isobutane) Sensor
Features - Good sensitivity to Combustible gas in wide range - High sensitivity to Propane, Butane..
LTE Cat.1-EU Click (for Europe)
LTE Cat.1-EU Click is a compact add-on board containing a low-power LTE-IoT connectivity soluti..
Microwave 2 click (for EU)
Microwave 2 click uses a UART interface, simplifying the firmware development. A benefit of having..
NB-IoT / eMTC / EDGE / GPRS / GNSS HAT for Raspberry Pi, for Europe, Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia
This Raspberry Pi HAT features multi communication functionalities: NB-IoT, eMTC, EDGE, GPRS, and GN..
NB-IoT HAT for Raspberry Pi, for Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia
Overview This is an NB-IoT (NarrowBand-Internet of Things) HAT for Raspberry Pi, controlled via s..
NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile
Brainwave Starter Kit takes decades of laboratory EEG technology research and puts it in your hands...

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