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Micro Metal Gear Motor with Connector (75:1)
INTRODUCTION This motor has a long (0.365"/9.27 mm) D profile metal output shaft that matc..
Micro USB cable with Switch
INTRODUCTION This cable will supply power to anything that has a MicroUSB port. The cable does no..
Mini Illuminated Loupe 30X / Magnifier with LED Lights
INTRODUCTION This is a great magnifier for multiple purposes, circuit board and printing indust..
Monocrystalline Solar Panel (5V 1A)
INTRODUCTION This is a high-performance, lightweight, portable monocrystalline silicon solar pa..
Namiki 12V Coreless DC Motor 120rpm w/Encoder (16.5kg*cm)
INTRODUCTION This geared motor is made from Japan; its model is 22CL-3501PG. It comes with the ph..
NFC Classic Sticker
INTRODUCTION NFC classic sticker (13.56MHz) is widely used in electronic locks or customer identi..
NFC Tag (Round)
INTRODUCTION NFC Tag (13.56MHz) is widely used in electronic locks or customer identification as ..
OBD-II Extension Cable
This product has been Discontinued.  This is OBD-II male to female extension flat cable. It ..
Pure Copper Heatsink Pack x 5
INTRODUCTION This high quality, low profile, pure copper heatsink is a perfect solution for cooli..
Robot Gripper
INTRODUCTION This is a 2 DOF robot gripper that can be installed with 2 servos so as to control g..
Semi Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel (5V 1A)
INTRODUCTION This powerful monocrystalline solar panel features an A-class monocrystalline sili..
Single Sided ProtoBoard (18x30cm)
INTRODUCTION This is a soft thin protoboard with hole diameter of 1mm, hole spacing of 2.54mm. ..
Stereo Enclosed Speaker - 3W 8Ω
INTRODUCTION This is a new passive speaker with JST PH2.0 interface. It is a perfect option for a..
Super Capacitor - 100F/2.7V
INTRODUCTION This is a 100 Farad capacitor. Combine two in series for 50F/5.4V.  Our testing..
Super Capacitor - 4.7F/2.7V
INTRODUCTION This is a 4.7 Farad capacitor. This small cap can be charged up and then slowly diss..

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