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Custom MX-106T 6 DOF Humanoid Robot Leg Kit Set
This 6 degree of freedom humanoid robot leg is an advanced robotic limb kit using the MX-106T DYNAMI..
ROBOTIS Mini - Humanoid Kit With 3D Printed Parts
If you haven't checked out the amazing capabilities of the DARwIn-OP Deluxe Edition, you sh..
ROBOTIS-OP Deluxe Edition [EU-220V]
This product has been discontinued Open Platform Humanoid Project   ..
RQ-HUNO Robotic Humanoid Kit (Assembly Kit)
• RQ-HUNO in kit form requiring assembly • Worlds smallest programmable humanoi..
RQ-HUNO Robotic Humanoid Kit (Pre-Assembled)
RQ-HUNO in assembled form, ready to walk Worlds smallest programmable humanoid robot 32-bit m..
UXA-90 Humanoid Robot
  Well-proportioned 1m tall humanoid shaped robot Fall detection algorithm utilizing a ..

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