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14 In 1 Educational Solar Robot Kit (New) By OWI Robotics
• 14 different robot transformations • Unique accessories and parts to make rob..
3 in 1 Solar Stallion by OWI Robotics
Triple your fun in the sun with 3- in-1 Solar Stallion. This solar-powered kit helps kids understand..
7 in 1 Rechargeable Solar Transformers by OWI Robotics
• 7 in 1 rechargeable solar transformers • The kit can buil..
Aerial Cable Car By OWI Robotics
Some of the world’s aerial tramways transport people to breathtaking views and allows them to have p..
ATR - All Terrain Robot By OWI Robotics
• Multi-function tracked mobile robotic kit • Moves forward, backward, turn, grip and lif..
Attacking Inch Worm By OWI Robotics
• Experiment with alternate energy with this versatile kit • Quick to assemble and requir..
Binary Player Robot By OWI Robotics
• Controlled by black and white patterns on a disk which activate either of two wheels to turn ..
BITCAR - Autonomous Line Following & Obstacle Avoiding Car for micro:bit
BitCar is a micro:bit based do-it-yourself robot designed for STEM education. It’s easy to ass..
Eco-Biker By OWI Robotics
The Eco-Biker is your child’s own personal wind turbine.Clip it to a bike’s handlebars or anywhere w..
Flapping Sea Gull By OWI Robotics
Squawk, Squawk, Squaaaawk! OWI’s Flapping Sea Gull mini solar kit will provide an adventure marked b..
Growing Light For Open Garden
Features: Light Source: LED Input voltage(V): 12 Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w): 100 Wor..
Happy Hopping Frog By OWI Robotics
• Experiment with alternate energy with this versatile kit • Quick to assemble and requir..
Hyper Peppy By OWI Robotics
Explore the fundamentals of robotics with this informative and entertaining robot kit.  Appropr..
Jungle Robot By OWI Robotics
• 2 robots in one: hand-over-hand string traversal and walking  • Quick to assemble ..
Mega Mantis - Aluminum Kit By OWI Robotics
Almost lifelike,  OWI’s aluminum insect building kit features a praying mantis insect..

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