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Pmod AQS: Digital Gas Sensor for Air Quality
Description The Digilent Pmod AQS is a digital gas sensor for monitoring indoor air quality at lo..
Pmod BB: Wire Wrap / Breadboard
The Pmod BB provides a ready-made solution for prototyping breadboard circuits. With the 2x6 pin hea..
Pmod BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy Interface
The Digilent Pmod BLE is a powerful peripheral module meant for use with any UART enabled developmen..
Pmod BT2: Bluetooth Interface
The Pmod BT2 is a powerful peripheral module employing the Roving Networks® RN-42..
Pmod BTN: 4 User Pushbuttons
The Pmod BTN gives users four momentary pushbuttons for easy user inputs to a system board.  ..
Pmod Cable Kit: 2x6-pin and 2x6 Pin to Dual 6-pin Pmod Splitter Cable
This kit is a handy accompaniment to your 12-pin Pmod. The extension cables let you locate your Pmod..
Pmod CAN: CAN 2.0B Controller with Integrated Transceiver
The Pmod CAN is a CAN 2.0B controller with an integrated transceiver. The embedded Microchip MC..
Pmod CDC1: Capacitative Input Buttons
The Pmod CDC1 is a capacitative sensor that uses the Analog Devices AD7156. By communicating wi..
Pmod Clip: Mechanical Mount for Pmod boards
Useful for securely attaching a Pmod to your project or application. Features: Works wit..
Pmod CLP: Character LCD with Parallel Interface
The PmodCLP utilizes a Samsung KS0066 LCD controller to display information to a 16x2..
Pmod CLS: Character LCD with Serial Interface
This product has been discontinued. The Pmod CLS is a character LCD module driven by the Atm..
Pmod CMPS2: 3-Axis Compass
The Digilent Pmod CMPS2 is a digital compass module using Memsic's MMC34160PJ magnetom..
Pmod COLOR: Color Sensor Module
The Digilent Pmod COLOR is a color sensor module with the ability to sense red, green, blue and clea..
Pmod CON1: Wire Terminal Connectors
The Pmod CON1 is a small module with six screw terminals to interface with external wires that are n..
Pmod CON3: R/C Servo Connectors
The Pmod CON3 can be easily used to interface with up to four small servo motors that deliver a..

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