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Arduino IO Expansion Shield(RS485 Sensor Support)
Nexus Robot provides the ultimate functional expansion for Arduino IO Expansion V1.2 and gives you e..
Arduino Ultrasonic Distance Sensor(RS485 Interface)
The Ultrasonic Range Finder is the sensor that can give your robot a picture from his surroundings.T..
Gravity: RS485 IO Expansion Shield for Arduino V6
INTRODUCTION Our IO expansion board is evolving, the RS485 IO Expansion Shield is now supporting ..
Industrial RS232/RS485 to Ethernet Converter for EU
Comes with EU plug power adapter. More options for the power plug: US, EU Ind..
Multi USB/RS232/RS485/TTL Converter
INTRODUCTION Multiplexer has a set of interfaces for a variety of multi-function adapter plates. ..
Pmod RS485: High-speed Isolated Communication
The Pmod RS485 is a high-speed communication module powered by the Analog Devices ADM582E. By c..
RS485 2 click
RS485 2 click carries the MAX3471 half-duplex transceiver intended for lithium batter..
RS485 3 click
RS485 3 click uses SN65HVD31DR from Texas Instruments, a tri-state differential ..
RS485 4 Click
The ADM2795E, as the main component of the RS485 4 click complies with many regulations: Level 4 E..
RS485 Board (5V)
The RS485 Board (5V) is an accessory board used for adding the RS485 transceiver to your a..
RS485 CAN Shield
The RS485 CAN Shield will easily enable RS485/CAN communication functions for your NUCLEO/XNUCLEO Ar..
RS485 click 3.3V
Description RS485 click 3.3V carries the SN65HVD12 half-duplex, RS-485 transceiv..
RS485 click 5V
Description RS485 click 5V carries the ADM485 differential line transceiver from..
RS485 Connector Expansion Shield for LattePanda V1
An industrial-grade RS485 shield for LattePanda! It is designed to expand a reliable RS485 interface..
RS485 Isolator click
RS485 Isolator click is a RS485 communication isolator, and carries the&n..

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