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Particle Relay Shield
The Relay Shield allows you to control any normal outlet or high voltage product from anywhere. The ..
Phidgets Dual Relay Board
Description This board has 2 SPDT mechanical relays rated at 210W for DC or 1750VA for AC. The..
Phidgets SSR Relay Board 2.5A
Description Rated for 28VAC/2.5amp or 40VDC/2.5amp switching, this SSR is controlled by a digital..
Arduino-based PLC. It has 20 digital inputs / outputs.ARDBOX product family offers the possibility ..
Pmod SSR: Solid State Relay Electronic Switch
The Pmod SSR is a solid state relay that features IXYS' CPC1908J. The Pmod SSR uses a switc..
Pololu Basic 2-Channel SPDT Relay Carrier with 5VDC Relays (Assembled)
The Pololu basic 2-channel relay carrier modules allow simple, independent control of two single-pol..
Pololu RC Switch with Relay (Assembled)
This product consists of a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) power relay and a control circuit that m..
Quality 3-Ch Relay Expansion Board Designed For Jetson Nano, Optocoupler Isolation
3-CH RELAY FOR JETSON NANO 3 Channels Relay Control Configurable Control Pin, Up To 2x Stackable..
Quick Connect 10-12 AWG Wire Relay Connectors (Qty 8)
Quick Connect Relay Connectors Heavy-Duty .250″ Quick Connect relay connectors for NCD 20 a..
Rain Gage - Optical Rain Sensor with relay interface - RG11
Optical Rain Sensor Use it to measure rainfall or to close a skylight when it starts raining. The..
Raspberry Pi 8-ch Relay Expansion Board
The RPi Relay Board (B) is an expansion board with 8-ch relays for Raspberry Pi. It gives your Pi th..
Raspberry Pi Relay Board v1.0
The Relay Shield utilizes four high quality relays and provides NO/NC interfaces that control the lo..
Reactor Sensor Controlled 1-Channel High-Power Relay Board + 8-Channel 8-Bit ADC
1-Channel Sensor Controlled High-Power Relay This 1-Channel High-Power Reactor Relay Controller m..
Reactor Sensor Controlled 1-Channel SPDT Relay Board + 8-Channel 8-Bit ADC
1-Channel Sensor Controlled Relay This 1-Channel Reactor Relay Controller makes it easy for senso..
Reactor Sensor Controlled 2-Channel High-Power Relay Board + 8-Channel 8-Bit ADC
2-Channel Sensor Controlled High-Power Relays This 2-Channel High-Power Reactor Relay Controller ..

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