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SparkFun Inventor's Kit - Carrying Case
Description This is the version three iteration of the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit (SIK) Carryi..
SparkFun Inventor's Kit Bridge Pack - v4.1
Description Own the fourth iteration of our popular SparkFun Inventor's Kit and not ready to ..
SparkFun Inventor's Kit for MicroView
Description:  The MicroView is an amazingly small, Arduino compatible, OLED display module t..
SparkFun Inventor's Kit Guidebook - v4.0
The full-color SparkFun Inventor’s Kit Guidebook V4 contains step by step instructions with ci..
SparkFun Inventor's Kit Guidebook - v4.1
Description The full-color SparkFun Inventor's Kit Guidebook V4.1 contains step by step instr..
SparkFun IOIO-OTG - V2.2
Description Are you a Java developer looking to add advanced hardware I/O capabilities to your An..
SparkFun IoT Starter Kit with Blynk Board
Description Blynk is an easy to use app builder that allows users to add a variety of buttons, sl..
SparkFun IR Thermometer Evaluation Board - MLX90614
Description This is an evaluation board for the MLX90614 IR Thermometer. The sensor is connected ..
SparkFun ISP Pogo Adapter
Description Pogo pins make life so much easier when you are trying to program without having to s..
Sparkfun Keypad - 12 Button
Description This is a basic 12 button keypad that has been designed for easy user input and funct..
SparkFun LED Driver Breakout - TLC5940 (16 Channel)
Description:  The TLC5940 is a 16 channel PWM unit with 12 bit duty cycle control (0-4095), ..
SparkFun Level Shifting microSD Breakout
Description The SparkFun Level Shifting microSD Breakout is quite similar to the SparkFun microSD..
SparkFun Level Translator Breakout - PCA9306
Description:  There are a couple must-have boards that every engineer and hobbyist should ha..
SparkFun Lightning Detector - AS3935
Description The SparkFun Lightning Detector adds lightning detection to your next weather station..
SparkFun LilyPad Arduino 328 Main Board
The LilyPad Arduino 328 Main Board is an Arduino-programmed microcontroller designed to be easily in..

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