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Alchitry Br Prototype Element Board
The Alchitry Br Element Board is a prototyping periphery for the Au or Cu FPGA D..
Alchitry Io Element Board
The Alchitry Io Element Board is the perfect way to get your feet wet with digital design. The Io fe..
Arduino Yun Enclosure - Black Plastic
This product has been Discontinued. The Arduino Yun is a great WiFi development board that combin..
Bar02 Ultra High Resolution 10m Depth/Pressure Sensor
The Bar02 Ultra-High Resolution 10m Depth/Pressure Sensor is a low-pressure, high resolution, high a..
Codec Shield
This Product has been Discontinued  Description: The Open Music Labs Codec Shield gives..
HackRF One
This is the HackRF One, a Software Defined Radio (SDR) peripheral capable of transmission or recepti..
LIDAR-Lite v2
This product has been discontinued This is the LIDAR-Lite v2, a compact high performance optical ..
RaspiRobot Board
This product has been discontinued The Raspberry Pi packs plenty of processing power in a small a..
RS485 Shield V2 - Raspberry Pi
This product has been discontinued Our friends over at Link Sprite have made this nifty little RS..
SparkFun 16 Output I/O Expander Breakout - SX1509
Description Are you low on I/O? No problem! The SX1509 Breakout is a 16-channel GPIO expander wit..
SparkFun 6 Degrees of Freedom Breakout - LSM6DS3
Description The LSM6DS3 is a accelerometer and gyroscope sensor with a giant 8kb FIFO buffer and ..
Sparkfun 9 Degrees of Freedom - MPU-9150 Breakout
Description: The 9DOF MPU-9150 is the world’s first 9-axis MotionTracking MEMS device desig..
SparkFun 9 Degrees of Freedom IMU Breakout - LSM9DS0
This product has been discontinued. This is the LSM9DS0, a versatile motion-sensing system-in-a-c..
SparkFun 9 Degrees of Freedom IMU Breakout - LSM9DS1
Description The LSM9DS1 is a versatile, motion-sensing system-in-a-chip. It houses a 3-axis accel..
SparkFun 9DoF Razor IMU M0
Description The SparkFun 9DoF Razor IMU M0 combines a SAMD21 microprocessor with an MPU-9250 9DoF..

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