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DRV8834 Low-Voltage Stepper Motor Driver Carrier
Overview This product is a carrier board or breakout board for TI’s DRV8834 low-voltage ste..
Dual 120VAC Mains Voltage Monitor with IoT Interface
Monitor energy using this 2-Channel 120V AC high-accuracy  mains voltage monitor controller. &n..
FEETECH High-Torque, High-Voltage Digital Servo FT5121M
The FT5121M is a standard-size digital servo from FEETECH that is capable of delivering extra-high t..
FEETECH Ultra-High-Torque, High-Voltage Digital Giant Servo FT5335M
The FEETECH FT5335M servo is all about torque. This 1/4-scale digital servo can deliver an incredibl..
Gravity: Analog Current to Voltage Converter(for 4~20mA Application)
INTRODUCTION This current-to-voltage module can linearly convert 0~25mA current signals into 0~3V..
HF Metal Tag - 13.56MHz (ISO 15693)
Contactless read/write on-metal HF Metal Tag is a kind of industrial mount-on-metal RFID tags. It ha..
JTAG 2x7 Ribbon Cable
This 6" ribbon cable incorporates multiple signal-ground pairs and facilitates error-free conne..
JTAG-HS2 Programming Cable
The joint test action group (JTAG) HS2 programming cable is a high-speed programming solution for Xi..
JTAG-HS3 Programming Cable
The JTAG-HS3 is the newest member of our family of affordable high-speed Xilinx® FPGA progr..
JTAG-SMT2-NC: Surface-mount Programming Module
The JTAG-SMT2-NC has all of the same features as the JTAG-SMT2, but without a USB connector pre..
JTAG-SMT2: Surface-mount Programming Module
The joint test action group (JTAG)-SMT2 is a compact, complete and fully self-contained surface-moun..
JTAG-SMT3-NC: Surface-mount Programming Module
Support Materials Datasheet For all other material: Resource Center The Joint Test Actio..
The JTAG-USB cable allows you to use your PC to connect to a JTAG scan chain or to access an SPI int..
L3GD20 3-Axis Gyro Carrier with Voltage Regulator
This board is a compact (0.5″ × 0.9″) breakout board for ST’s L3GD..
LIS3MDL 3-Axis Magnetometer Carrier with Voltage Regulator
This module is a carrier/breakout board for the ST LIS3MDL three-axis magnetometer. The sensor provi..

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