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New Version  Bit 114992445 The AI-deck extends the computational capabilities and will en..
AI-deck monocrome camera module
This is a monochrome camera module to exchange the color camera module (Bayer RGB) for, which comes ..
Happy hacker bundle
The "Happy hacker bundle" has everything you need to get started with software, firmware a..
Lighthouse explorer bundle
With the Lighthouse explorer bundle you'll get everything you need to try out the ..
Propeller pack
Spare counter rotating propellers pack (4 x CCW + 4 x CW) Specifications Size: 45 mm Fits..
Spare part bundle
Get everything you need to keep your Crazyflie 2.X in shape even after some hard crashes. Bundle ..
STEM drone bundle
With the STEM drone bundle you get everything you need for scripting and learning how to operate a r..
STEM ranging bundle
With the STEM ranging bundle you get everything you need for scripting and learning how to oper..
The artist bundle
The "Artist bundle" has everything you need to make an impression and to create somet..
Thrust upgrade bundle for Crazyflie 2.X
With the thrust upgrade bundle you can easily get an additional 20 grams of thrust. Switching out th..
Z-ranger deck
The Z-ranger deck uses a laser sensor to measure the distance to the ground and adds the possibility..

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