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FireBeetle Covers - DC Motor & Stepper Driver
INTRODUCTION DFRobot FireBeetle series are low power consumption microcontrollers designed f..
FireBeetle Covers-ePaper Black&White&Red Display Module
INTRODUCTION DFRobot FireBeetle series is low-power development component designed for Inter..
Flammable Gas & Smoke Sensor MQ-2
This semiconductor gas sensor detects the presence of combustible gas and smoke at concentrations fr..
Force-Sensing Linear Potentiometer: 1.4″×0.4″ Strip
This force-sensing linear potentiometer (FSLP) from Interlink Electronics is a passive component wit..
Fusion Expansion SPDT Relay Controller 16-Channel
16-Channel SPDT Expansion Controller for Fusion Series Controllers This Fusion 16-Channel SPDT Re..
Geiger Counter
This product has been Discontinued. You talked, we listened, and we've revised our Geiger Cou..
GLCD Developer kit - PIC
Kit includes: SmartGLCD 240x128 Board mikroC or mikroBasic or mikroPasca..
Gravity: Analog High Temperature Sensor
INTRODUCTION What sensor should you use when you need to measure temperature? Most people will ..
Gravity: Analog SHT30 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Gravity: Analog SHT30 Temperature & Humidity Sensor adopts the new generation SHT30 te..
Gravity: DHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor For Arduino
INTRODUCTION DFRobot's latest generation of digital DHT11 Temperature and Humidity sensor is ..
Gravity: Digital Peristaltic Pump
INTRODUCTION Gravity: digital peristaltic pump is a new product developed by DFRobot. This is a..
Gravity: DS18B20 Temperature Sensor (Arduino Compatible)
INTRODUCTION While there are many types of temperature sensors available in the market, the DS18B..
Gravity: Dual Bipolar Stepper Motor Shield for Arduino (A4988)
INTRODUCTION Do you want to do some projects with stepper motors such as an auto curtain, &n..
Gravity: I2C BME280 Environmental Sensor (Temperature, Humidity, Barometer)
INTRODUCTION BME280 is an environmental sensor that integrates onboard temperature sensor, humi..
Gravity: I2C High Temperature Sensor (K-Type, 800℃)
INTRODUCTION PT100 is suitable for most of the temperature measurement below 400°C, but usu..

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