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12mm Hex Wheel Adapter for 6mm Shaft (2-Pack)
Description These 20 mm long aluminum adapters convert a 6 mm diame..
12mm Hex Wheel Adapter for 6mm Shaft, Extended (2-Pack)
Description These 35 mm long aluminum adapters convert a 6 mm diame..
12V DC Motor 350RPM w/Encoder (12kg*cm)
INTRODUCTION This is a gear motor with encoder. It is a motor with a 34:1 gearbox and an integrat..
12V DC Water Pump
This Product has been discontinued. This is lightweight, small size, high efficiency, low consump..
12V PowerBRICK: Breadboardable Dual Output USB Power Supplies
Note: purchase the bundle of all four PowerBRICKs and save!  Every circuit needs a power sup..
12V, 2.4A Step-Down Voltage Regulator D36V28F12
Description This small synchronous switching step-down (or buck) regulator takes an input voltage..
12V, 3A Power Supply
This power supply is suitable for powering our new PYNQ-Z1, Nexys Video, Genesys 2, a..
12V, 4.5A Step-Down Voltage Regulator D36V50F12
The D36V50Fx family of buck (step-down) voltage regulators generates lower output voltages from inpu..
13.3inch HDMI LCD (H) (with case), 1920x1080, IPS
Features 13.3inch IPS screen,1920x1080 hardware resolution Toughened glass capacitive touch ..
13.3inch Magic Mirror, Voice Assistant, Touch Control
13.3inch Magic Mirror, Voice Assistant, Touch Control, Raspberry Pi 3A+ Inside   Powerful..
131:1 Metal Gearmotor 37Dx57L mm with 64 CPR Encoder
This product has been replaced by a newer version of Pololu #2827​. Description This powe..
131:1 Metal Gearmotor 37Dx73L mm with 64 CPR Encoder
Description This powerful brushed DC gearmotor is available in six different gear ratios and feat..
14 In 1 Educational Solar Robot Kit (New) By OWI Robotics
• 14 different robot transformations • Unique accessories and parts to make rob..
14×4.5mm Wheel Pair for Sub-Micro Plastic Planetary Gearmotors
Motor connections These wheels fit 2 mm diameter output shafts such as the ones on our ..
15.6inch Capacitive Touch Screen LCD (H) with Case, 1920×1080, HDMI, IPS, Various Systems Support
15.6" HDMI Touch Display Size - 15.6" Resolution - 1920×1080 Display P..

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