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Sonoff Touch EU Local - Wall Touch Switch Turn ON/OFF Locally
This product has been Discontinued. Overview Sonoff Touch EU Local is a 1 gang wall light swit..
STEM drone bundle
With the STEM drone bundle you get everything you need for scripting and learning how to operate a r..
STEM ranging bundle
With the STEM ranging bundle you get everything you need for scripting and learning how to oper..
This product has been Discontinued. Tessel is a microcontroller that runs JavaScript. It's..
The artist bundle
The "Artist bundle" has everything you need to make an impression and to create somet..
TouchBerry PI 10.1" (Raspberry PI 4B-2GB)
Multitouch - Resistive Multitouch LVDS, 315 nits High Resolution - 1280x720, 170º viewing ..
URM37 V5.0 Ultrasonic Sensor for Arduino / Raspberry Pi
URM37 V5.0 is a powerful ultrasonic sensor mudule with bulit-in temperature compensation to ensure a..
USB A to B Micro - Premium Cable
Features Allows you to backup, restore, download synchronize and upload your contacts, phonebo..
VINT Hub Phidget
The HUB0001 is a drop-in replacement for the HUB0000, supported by Phidget22 version 1.8 or newer. ..
Wall Adapter Power Supply - 5V DC 2A
This high quality AC to DC power supply is "wall wart" type, featuring short circuit prote..
Wire Strippers
Wire strippers used for stripping and cutting the most commonly used stranded and single wire gauges..
Xadow - Motor Driver
Xadow M0 is an mbed enabled development board with Xadow form factor. It's based on NXP LPC11U35..

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