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Hakko FX888D Soldering Station
Description For over 50 years, Hakko has been producing superior quality soldering and desolderin..
Hands On Basic Electronics Kit
A basic hands-on kit that introduces you to good soldering techniques while working on state-of-the-..
Micro Soldering Iron
Metal Body Iron Key Features Heavy duty metal body. Attains full temperature in seconds. C..
Solder Lead Free - 100-gram Spool
Description This is your basic spool of lead free solder with a water soluble resin core. 0.031&q..
Soldering Iron Stand
Description This is a simple soldering iron stand composed of a heavy-duty metal base and a reinf..
Soldron Micro Soldering Station
Ideal for precision small jobs like SMTand micro-electronics. Element shaft is only 2.5mm thick with..
Soldron Soldering Iron - 25watts/230volts
25watts/230volts Soldering Iron Maximum Temperature: 380°c The workhorse of electronic industr..
SparkFun Safety Glasses
Description These were really nice safety glasses. Then we decided to completely ruin t..

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