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Beautiful Data
In this insightful book, you'll learn from the best data practitioners in the field just how wid..
Beautiful Visualization
Visualization is the graphic presentation of data -- portrayals meant to reveal complex information ..
Big Data Now: 2012 Edition
The Big Data Now anthology is relevant to anyone who creates, collects or relies upon data. It's..
Data Crunching
Every day, programmers all around the world have to recycle legacy data, translate from one propriet..
Data Structures and Algorithms with JavaScript
As an experienced JavaScript developer moving to server-side programming, you need to implement clas..
Exploring Everyday Things with R and Ruby
If you’re curious about how things work, this fun and intriguing guide will help you find real..
Genetic Algorithms in search, Optimization & Machine Learning
The text introduces the theory, operation, and application of genetic algorithms----search algorithm..
Getting Started with Fluidinfo
Imagine a public storage system that has a place online for structured data about everything that ex..
Head First Data Analysis
Today, interpreting data is a critical decision-making factor for businesses and organizations. If y..
Machine Learning for Hackers
DESCRIPTION If you’re an experienced programmer interested in crunching data, this book wil..

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