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3D Printer Filament -PLA 1.75(Pink)
PLA is an environmental-friendly polymer originally derived from crops as maize. Different from ABS,..
3WD 100mm Omni Wheel Arduino Kit
3WD 100mm Omni Wheel Arduino Kit 10016 This is a 3 omni wheels drive mini mobile robot kit. It ca..
802.11b/g/n 150Mbps Wireless USB Adapter
This plug-and-play USB 2.0 Adapter allows you to connect your laptop/desktop to any Wireless network..
Bump Sensor(Bumper Switch)
The bump sensors (bump switch) are used on our robot kit 10004, it can help the robot kit to avoid o..
Dynamixel MX-28T Robot Actuator Bulk (6 pack)
Features DYNAMIXEL is a robot exclusive smart actuator with fully integrated DC Motor + Reduction..
EasyRadio 433MHZ USB Transmitter for Raspberry Pi
This Product has been discontinued. Utilising proprietary LPRS easyRadio technology operating in ..
Grove - Infrared Receiver
The Infrared Receiver is used to receive infrared signals and also used for remote control detection..
Micro SD HC Card 16GB
The 16GB SD Memory Cards mean you dont miss out on what your mobile phone or tablet can do. You can ..
micro:Touch Keyboard - Math & Automatic Touch Keyboard for micro:bit
INTRODUCTION This is a Math & Automatic expansion board for micro:bit. Easy to use, and ..
MKR Antenna
This antenna is ideal for using it with the MKRFOX1200 board. It is a GSM (850/900/1800/1900MHz) ant..
Open Garden Outdoor (1 Node + 1 Gateway)
Open Garden is an Open Source alternative to commercial home automation to remotely control your ind..
Real-World Analogies               &n..
Right angled pin headers(40-pin)
A row of right angle male headers - break to fit. 40 pins that can be cut to any size. Used with cus..
ROBOTIS Manipulator-H
This product has been discontinued ■ Description Multi-purpose, low-cost manipulator 6 DO..
Seeeduino GPRS
Seeeduino GPRS is a IoT panel, you can connect to the internet through GPRS wireless network with it..

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