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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B 1GB RAM
Did you really think the Raspberry Pi would stop getting better? At this point, we sound like a brok..
0.1" (2.54mm) Crimp Connector Housing: 2x3-Pin 10-Pack
Product information "0.1" (2.54mm) Crimp Connector Housing: 2x3-Pin 10-Pack" These..
1-Channel 4-20mA Current Loop Receiver 16-Bit ADS1115 I2C Mini Module
This I2C 1-Channel 4-20mA current loop receiver is an ideal companion for monitoring industrial sens..
10 Segment LED - White
This is a segment LED bar without control chip. It has 10 segment LEDs, color is White. It is com..
10.1inch Capacitive Touch LCD (D) 1024x600
Key Parameters LCD Type TFT Interface RGB/LVDS Touch ..
10.1inch HDMI LCD (B) (with case), 1280×800, IPS
The LCD and Control Board IPS screen,1280×800 high resolution Capacitive touch c..
10.1inch HDMI LCD (H) (with case), 1024x600
The LCD and Control Board 1024×600 high resolution Capacitive touch control When wor..
10.1inch HDMI LCD, 1024×600
Features 1024×600 high resolution Resistive touch control Compatible and Direct-conn..
100:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor HP 6V
These tiny brushed DC gearmotors are intended for use at 6 V, though in general, these kinds of..
10:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor HP 6V with Extended Motor Shaft
This gearmotor is a miniature high-power, 6 V brushed DC motor with a 9.96:1&nbs..
11.6inch HDMI LCD (H) (with case), 1920x1080, IPS
Features 11.6inch IPS screen,1920x1080 high resolution Toughened glass capacitive touch pane..
12mm Domed Push Button Pack
This is a lovely momentary push button pack for your dash board or control panel. Each pack contains..
12V DC Water Pump
This Product has been discontinued. This is lightweight, small size, high efficiency, low consump..
13.56Mhz RFID Module - IOS/IEC 14443 type a
Specification Model: No. RDM880 R/W chip: MFRC500,MFRC400,MFRC531,MFRC632 Standard: ISO/IE..
131:1 Metal Gearmotor 37Dx57L mm
Gearmotor Options This powerful brushed DC gearmotor is available in six different gear ratios. V..

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