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Wixel Shield for Arduino
The Wixel shield seamlessly enables a wireless link (with a typical range of ~50 feet) to dupli..
Woven Conductive Fabric - Silver 20cm square
This woven conductive fabric is silver-plated nylon. Use small pieces for soft switches, plush keypa..
Wrench Bolt M2*3 (200 pcs)
Features Wrench Bolt for Dynamixel series. Compatible with the N1 Nut Package Components ..
Wrench Bolt M2.5*4 (200 pcs)
Features Wrench Bolt for Dynamixel series. Compatible with the M2.5 Nut Package Components ..
WRTnode2P - Devboard
INTRODUCTION WRTnode2P Devboard is a minimal standard interface module, delightful price, compr..
WS2801 IC
Description You may recognize the WS2801from our addressable RGB LED strips. These 3-channel cons..
WS2812 Addressable LED: 1M Waterproof Strip
Educators, need to add a little excitement to your lab exercises? These LED strips are just about..
WS2812B RGB LED with Integrated Driver Chip (10 PCs pack)
This Product has been discontinued. WS2812 is an intelligent control LED light source that the co..
WS2812S 5050 RGB LED with Integrated Driver Chip - 10 Pack
This product has been discontinued. Make your own smart LED arrangement with the same integrated ..
Xadow - Motor Driver
Xadow M0 is an mbed enabled development board with Xadow form factor. It's based on NXP LPC11U35..
Xadow GPS v2
Based on the GPS L70 module from Quectel®, the Xadow GPS v2 combines the advanced AGPS technolog..
XBee 2mW Wire Antenna - Series 2 (ZB)
This Product has been discontinued. This is the XBee XB24-Z7WIT-004 module from Digi. Series 2 im..
XBee 802.15.4 Pro SMA 5dBi
XBee-PRO 802.15.4 OEM RF modules are embedded solutions providing wireless end-point connectivity to..
XBee 868 MHz SMA Module
XBee-PRO 868 modules are long-range embedded RF modules providing end-point device connectivity for ..
XBee Module - ZB Series S2C - 2mW with Wire Antenna - XB24CZ7WIT-004
We now carry the Series 2 XBee "ZigBee" modules. This is the series 2 ZigBee protocol 1mW ..

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