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2A Motor Driver Shield
This is Cytron newly revised dual channel 2A motor shield. It uses L298P chip which allow control of..
2A Motor Shield for Arduino Twin
INTRODUCTION Arduino product family is a great learning platform for electronics, programming and..
2A Stepper Motor Driver
SD02B is designed to drive unipolar or bipolar stepper motor. The board incorporates most of the com..
5V 2A (2000mA) switching power supply - UL Listed
This is a FCC/CE certified and UL listed power supply. Need a lot of 5V power? This switching supply..
5V, 3.2A Step-Down Voltage Regulator D36V28F5
Description This small synchronous switching step-down (or buck) regulator takes an input voltage..
Adafruit MiniBoost 5V @ 100mA Charge Pump - AP3602A
DESCRIPTION This adorable little board will come in very handy whenever you need a small amount o..
Adaptor 12V 2A
AC-DC 12V / 2A Switching Power Adapter (100/240V) 24Watts, 12V switching adapter, light, high eff..
AT 12A
AT&T M14A2A Cat-1 LTE Module Cellular IoT Starter Kit (Internet of Things, Industrial, Wireless, Cellular)
Avnet's AT&T Cellular IoT Starter Kit enables designers to easily develop and prototype cell..
AX-12A Gear Set
Features Gear Set for DYNAMIXEL AX-12A. Compounded high strength engineering plastic is used..
Crydom D2W202F 2A 240VAC Zero-Cross Solid State Relay for Resistive Loads (Type A)
This is a solid-state relay option for NCD solid-state relay controllers.  Though we allow you ..
DC/DC Power Converter 12-24V DC Input to 6.8V DC Output at 12 Amps Wire to Wire
The PDC2406812 is a DC/DC power converter that takes 12V-24V DC input and will output 6.8V DC. Cuts ..
Features DYNAMIXEL is a robot exclusive smart actuator with fully integrated DC Motor + Reduct..
DYNAMIXEL AX-12A 6pcs Bulk
Features DYNAMIXEL is a robot exclusive smart actuator with fully integrated DC Motor + Reduct..
INA219 High Side DC Current Sensor Breakout - 26V ±3.2A Max
This breakout board will solve all your power-monitoring problems. Instead of struggling with two mu..

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