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0.1" (2.54mm) Crimp Connector Housing: 2x2-Pin 10-Pack
These housings work with our wires with pre-crimped terminals and our crimp pins ..
2x2 Key click
2x2 Key click is a board with a 4 button keypad. People have always loved buttons; it’s a..
2x20W Amp click
2x20W Amp click carries the MAX9744 stereo class D audio power amplifier from Maxim Integrated. ..
E-Paper display 2,13" 122x250 dots
What is E-INK? The most distinctive feature of the E-Paper displays is their very low power con..
Stackable Header - 2x23 Pin Female
Description This is a 2x23 pin female PTH header, with extra long legs which makes great for stac..

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