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3D Hall 2 click
The sensor consumes a very low amount of current, featuring an additional low power mode, which al..
3D HALL 5 click
The features such as the embedded self-test, support for the hard iron compensation, selectable po..
Adafruit DRV8871 DC Motor Driver Breakout Board - 3.6A Max
Crank up your robotics with powerful Adafruit DRV8871 motor driver breakout board. This motor d..
Adafruit MiCS5524 CO, Alcohol and VOC Gas Sensor Breakout
Give your next sensor project a nose for gasses with the Adafruit MiCS-5524 Gas Sensor Breakout..
Adafruit PyRuler - Engineer Reference Ruler with CircuitPython
The first time you soldered up a surface mount component you may have been surprised "these are..
Ambient 4 click
The influence of the light source type on the measurement accuracy is quite reduced. The sensor is..
Arty A7-100T: Artix-7 FPGA Development Board for Makers and Hobbyists
Vivado Design Suite voucher not included - Vivado Design Suite Edition is available for fr..
Arty A7-35T: Artix-7 FPGA Development Board for Makers and Hobbyists
Arty is a ready-to-use development platform designed around the Artix-7™ Field Programmable Ga..
CO 2 click
The AFE IC provides a unified platform for many types of electrochemical sensors and as such, it p..
Flash 4 click
The S25FL512S module can withstand up to 100,000 program cycles, with the data retention peri..
Glideforce LACT4P-12V-05 Light-Duty Linear Actuator with Feedback: 15kgf, 4" Stroke (3.9" Usable), 1.7"/s, 12V
Description This 12 V light-duty (LD) linear actuator with a 5:1 gear reduction ca..
In-line power wire connector (male)
If you have a project where you'd like to be able to detach the wiring, this wire will fit th..
IR Grid 2 click
Due to the small number of external components it requires, as well as the low pin count and widel..
ODYSSEY – STM32MP157C Raspberry Pi 40-Pin Compatible with SoM
ODYSSEY - STM32MP157C is based on STM32MP157C, a dual-core processor integrate Arm-Cortex-A7 plus Co..
Opto 3 click
Featuring good quality TLP241A SSRs, this Click board™ represents an ideal solution for deve..

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