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Pmod CMPS2: 3-Axis Compass
The Digilent Pmod CMPS2 is a digital compass module using Memsic's MMC34160PJ magnetom..
Pmod COLOR: Color Sensor Module
The Digilent Pmod COLOR is a color sensor module with the ability to sense red, green, blue and clea..
Pmod CON1: Wire Terminal Connectors
The Pmod CON1 is a small module with six screw terminals to interface with external wires that are n..
Pmod CON3: R/C Servo Connectors
The Pmod CON3 can be easily used to interface with up to four small servo motors that deliver a..
Pmod CON4: RCA Audio Jacks
The Pmod CON4 allows users to connect their system to two RCA audio jacks. GPIO signals can be trans..
Pmod DA1: Four 8-bit D/A Outputs
The Pmod DA1 is an 8-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter powered by two Analog Devices AD7303. With..
Pmod DA2: Two 12-bit D/A Outputs
The Pmod DA2 is a 12-bit Digital-to-Analog converter powered by the Texas Instruments DAC121S10..
Pmod DA3: One 16-bit D/A Output
The Pmod DA3 is a 16-bit Digital-to-Analog converter powered by the Analog Devices AD5541A. The..
Pmod DA4: Eight 12-bit D/A Outputs
The Pmod DA4 is an 8 channel 12-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter run via the Analog Devices AD56..
Pmod DHB1: Dual H-bridge
The Pmod DHB1 uses the Texas Instruments® DRV8833 dual H-Bridge motor driver..
Pmod DIP: DIP to 12-pin Pmod Adapter
The Digilent Pmod DIP is a 12-pin dual in-line package (DIP) that also includes a 2×6 fem..
Pmod DPG1: Differential Pressure Gauge Sensor
The Digilent Pmod DPG1 is a differential pressure gauge module. With NXP's MP3V5010DP ..
Pmod DPOT: Digital Potentiometer
The Pmod DPOT is a digital potentiometer powered by the Analog Devices' AD5160. Users may s..
Pmod ENC: Rotary Encoder
The Pmod ENC features a rotary shaft encoder with an integral push-button to provide multiple t..
Pmod ESP32: Wireless Communication Module
The Pmod ESP32 provides an easy and cost effective way to add wireless communication to any host pla..

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