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Balboa 32U4 Balancing Robot Kit (No Motors or Wheels)
Build your very own programmable balancing robot with the Balboa 32U4 robot kit! The Balboa control ..
BBC Doctor Who HiFive Inventor Kit (Base Kit)
Navigate exciting lessons such as wirelessly piloting an alien spaceship, building an intergalactic ..
Beetle ESP32 Microcontroller
INTRODUCTION Is FireBeetle-ESP32 too big for your projects? Why not try our newly launc..
BME680 Environmental Sensor Module
BME680 is a 4-in-1 multi-functional MEMS environmental sensor which integrates VOC (Volatile Organic..
Boost 4 click
Boost 4 click carries the TPS61230A, a high efficiency fully integrated synchronous boos..
Breakout Board for PCF8575 I2C Expander
Description Have you run out of I/O pins? This great IC allows the user to expand up to 16 I/O us..
Brushless 2 click
Brushless 2 click carries the DRV10964 BLDC motor controller with an integrated out..
Buggy for PIC bundle
  This Buggy for FT90x bundle consists of Buggy it's selfe clicker 2 for ..
Dagu Wild Thumper 4WD All-Terrain Chassis, Black, 75:1
This rugged, 4-wheel-drive chassis from Dagu Electronics is a smaller version of the Wild Thump..
DC-DC Fast Charge Module 6~32V to 5V/3A
This USB fast-charge module integrates the most common 5V charging recognition function and provides..
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Membrane Cap
INTRODUCTION This product is a replacement membrane cap for the Gravity Analog Dissolved Oxy..
Dual MAX14870 Motor Driver for Raspberry Pi (Assembled)
This motor driver expansion board and its corresponding Python library make it easy to control a pai..
Elenco 75-in-1 Electronic Project Lab
Build over 75 projects including motion detector, water level alarm, burglar alarm and much more. Le..
F10 KV7500

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