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TMDSDOCK28379D Evaluation Board
TMDSDOCK28379D is a HSEC180 controlCARD based evaluation and development tool for the C2000™&n..
TMP100 Temperature Sensor ±2°C 12-Bit with 2 Address Lines I2C Mini Module
The TMP100 device is a digital temperature sensor ideal for NTC and PTC thermistor replacement. The ..
TMP112 Temperature Sensor ±.5°C 12-Bit I2C Mini Module
The TMP112 offers high-accuracy digital temperature measurement in a low-cost package. The TMP112..
Toggle Clamp - Large Size - 201B
*Ka-thunk* Pin down that PCB with our Toggle Clamp, a sturdy and reliable way to quickly press ..
Toggle Switch
The toggle switch Bit is a sturdy on-off switch that you can use to activate your creations with a n..
Tool (STL)
Features This part is used to combine and detach rivets. Package Components STL..
Tool Kit - Screwdriver and Bit Set
Description There’s nothing worse than getting ready for a good hack and then realizing tha..
Touch Sensor TS-10
Features: This switch type sensor is used to detect contact with objects. This sensor is suita..
TouchBerry PI 10.1" (Raspberry PI 4B-2GB)
Multitouch - Resistive Multitouch LVDS, 315 nits High Resolution - 1280x720, 170º viewing ..
Touchberry Pi B3 7″ In/Out
Touch Screen based on Raspberry PI incorporating a 7″ Resistive touch Screen The first Pane..
Toucherry PI B3 – 3.5 LT Series – 3.5″TouchScreen LCD Display (Raspberry PI B3 Included+3D Printer Panel Enclosure)
Touch Screen based on Raspberry PI incorporating a 3.5″ Resistive Screen The firs..
TPS2113A Power Multiplexer Carrier with USB Micro-B Connector
The Texas Instruments TPS2113A autoswitching power multiplexer allows you to switch seamlessly betwe..
TPS65982 USB Type-C & USB PD Controller Power Switch & High Speed Multiplexer EVM
Description The TPS65982-EVM is a complete reference design for USB Type-C and Power Delivery app..
Transistor Tester for Analog Discovery: Enables Characteristic Curve Tracing for Diodes and Transistors
The curve tracer instrument in WaveForms allows several of the Discovery family of devices to draw c..
Trenz TE0802: Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Development Board
The Trenz TE0802 features the XCZU2CG, which is the introductory device to the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSo..

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