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USB LiIon/LiPoly charger - v1.2
This is a Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer battery charger based on the MCP73833. It uses a U..
USB PIC Programmer
UP00B is the enhanced version of UP00A. As PIC MCU is gaining its popularity in market for student a..
USB Power
The USB power may be the smallest in the series, but it's big enough to send juice to all your c..
Usb Power Adapter + Cable
This power adapter and USB cable combo is the perfect way to power permanent creations! You can exte..
USB Power Supply Wall Adapter 5V@2.5A (EU Standard)
INTRODUCTION This is a high-quality 5V USB wall adapter that is ideal for supplying power to your..
USB Reg Board
USB REG board is a solution for powering your device over USB connection. It gives 5V directly fro..
USB Relay Board with Solid State Relays
USB Relay Board from NCD Our USB Relay Board makes it easy for computers of all types to control ..
USB Relay Controller with High Power Relays
USB Relay Controller from NCD Our USB Relay Controller makes it easy for computers of all types t..
USB Relay with 5 or 10 Amp Relays
USB Relay devices from NCD Our USB Relay products make it easy for computers of all types to cont..
USB Sound Card, Driver-Free, for Raspberry Pi / Jetson Nano
USB Sound Card: Recording And Playback Support, Stereo Codec, Onboard Microphone, And Speake..
USB SPI click
USB SPI Click is an accessory board in mikroBUS form factor. It’s a compact and easy solutio..
USB to 2.1mm Male Barrel Jack Cable - 22AWG & 1 meter
There's two standard ways to power electronics - USB or 5.5mm/2.1mm DC barrel jack. This o..
USB to I2C Converter with Virtual COM Port FT230XS
If you ever wanted to test or use NCD I2C devices with a desktop computer, this little I2C adapter w..
USB TO RS232 / RS485 / TTL Industrial Isolated Converter
Overview This is an industrial USB to RS232/485/TTL isolated converter with original FT232RL insi..
USB to RS485 Module
This USB to RS485 converter module( USB 1.1,USB 2.0,USB 3.0 compatible) can expand one RS485 asynchr..

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